23 Sep 2008

Record number of candidates standing in two Solomon Islands by-elections

10:14 am on 23 September 2008

Today voters in East Honiara and Lau/Baelelea constituencies will elect two new members to the Solomon Islands parliament

The two constituencies are expected to be fiercely contested

26-candidates will be standing for the East Honiara seat, - the highest number of candidates to contest a single constituency in the country's election history.

In the Lau/Baelelea Constituency, 17 candidates will contest the seat.

None of the candidates in either constituency is standing under any party label - a situation our correspondent says is a hallmark of political instability.

In the 2006 National General Elections 20 candidates vied for the East Honiara electorate.

Out of the 30,000 registered voters of East Honiara, only 26-percent, or just over 8,000 voters cast ballots.