25 Sep 2008

The Pacific region to develop one marketing strategy

10:47 am on 25 September 2008

The Pacific Games Council has agreed unanimously that the 22 member countries should join forces in developing a marketing strategy.

That was one issue on the agenda for the Games Council who met in the Cook Islands to discuss preparations and plans for next years mini games to be held on the main island Rarotonga.

The Games executive Council, Andrew Minogue says in the past games organising committees have carried out their own marketing in their respective countries, but for the first time they will come together.

"Most of our Pacific Island nations are very small as you know and there's limited sort of corporate reach in each country individually but when you group the 22 together and you bring in the big populations of Papua New Guinea, and Fiji and some of the others and their combined market strength and if we market our Games across the region we think we've got an opportunity to raise a much higher profile in terms of sponsorship and delivery of income for our products."