25 Sep 2008

Immigration and population growth under scrutiny in American Samoa

1:47 pm on 25 September 2008

Government leaders, business owners, traditional leaders and others in American Samoa are examining how the increase in population is impacting on the quality of life in the territory.

The territory has been identified as having one of the fastest growing populations in the region.

The two day forum will focus on how to cope with the decrease in land available and how to slow population growth.

Meleisea Vai Filiga, the chief statistician in American Samoa, says with the information available through the census and other statistics, they aim to produce policies to improve the quality of life.

"Certainly the impact will be through the channels of different ethnic groups, the economic systems, ways of looking at immigration reforms -covering immigration issues and problems, and we will certainly look at ways of improving the immigration side. We will also look at public health issues."