29 Sep 2008

Fiji business people hope that services of Commerce Commission quickly restored

2:53 pm on 29 September 2008

Fiji's Chamber of Commerce has voiced its disappointment that the Commerce Commission has been closed due to an apparent lack of funds.

Acting president Swani Maharaj says the interim Government has not given the Commission its quarterly funding which was due more than two months ago.

He says there is obviously a communication breakdown, but they're hopeful the matter can be resolved quickly as the Commission's closure is impacting on many businesses.

"Business community is concerned. We are disappointed in the fact that the Commission, the financial officers, did not provide the acquittals and provisions that are required to get further funds allocated. Also disappointed that the government did not make any effort, the ministry didn't make any effort to see that the acquittals are provided so that further funds be released, [and] to see that the Commission could function independently."

Acting president of Fiji's Chamber of Commerce, Swani Maharaj.

The Commerce Commission was established under the 1998 Commerce Act as an independent statutory body to regulate competition, consumer protection, and monitor the pricing of goods and services.