29 Sep 2008

Solomons businessman wins Honiara by-election

4:23 pm on 29 September 2008

Businessman and logger, Milikida Silas, has won the East Honiara by election in Solomon Islands, but results of the Lau-Baelelea by-election are still unknown.

The by-elections were held last Tuesday, but counting was delayed in both constituencies amid claims of corruption by some candidates and their supporters.

Dorothy Wickham reports from Honiara that Mr Silas won with a huge majority.

"Whilst there's been disputes about how he could win with such a large margin, I think the Electoral Commission is satisfied with the investigations and has declared him the winner and the governor has announced that he's the candidate for East Honiara. There was another by-election in Lau-Baelelea and the same thing happened there and the winner for that election hasn't been declared, because of claims of corruption and people using names that were already in registation that were not theirs, to vote for certain candidates."

Dorothy Wickham in Honiara.