7 Oct 2008

Greenpeace says political inertia has failed Pacific's fish

4:20 pm on 7 October 2008

Greenpeace is predicting the collapse of commercial fishing in the Pacific within five years.

The comment accompanies the close of the fourth meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission's Technical and Compliance Committee.

Greenpeace's Pacific Oceans campaigner says big fishing companies are depleting the fisheries there in the same way as they have others.

Lagi Toribau says the commission, which was set up four years ago, has failed to address the extent of pirate fishing.

"They haven't really reached any agreement that will benefit the stocks that are already in trouble. And I think that irrespective of what is happening and the decisions that are reached there, the practicalities and what happens out at sea is a completely different picture and as long as the markets are open and unregulated, uncontrolled, the fishing vessels know that the door is still open for them."

Lagi Toribau of Greenpeace.