8 Oct 2008

Fiji interim PM rules out election if ousted SDL Party rejects his plans

3:46 pm on 8 October 2008

Fiji's interim Prime Minister has urged his critics in the Methodist Church and the ousted SDL party to back his plans for Fiji or there will be no elections.

The Fiji Live website quotes Commodore Frank Bainimarama as saying he has said over and over again that unless and until they come on board with the interim government, elections will not happen.

The website reports him as saying that he is the leader of Fiji and what he says goes so whether they like it or not elections won't going to happen next year.

He says if the SDL party can convert its supporters to join the interim government, then it would help a lot.

The interim leader exhorted the Church and the SDL not to stand on the sideline and, as he put it, bark orders.

He questions claims by the SDL and the Methodist church that they have secured the support of 80 percent of indigenous Fijians.

And Commodore Bainimarama warned the military won't tolerate any coalition between the Methodist Church and certain political parties to hinder his regime's plan for a better future for Fiji.