9 Oct 2008

Three D's to fight Dengue

11:20 am on 9 October 2008

American Samoa's ministry of health says the public must help to fight the rising number of dengue fever infections.

The dengue virus is transmitted by day-biting mosquitoes and can be fatal.

A 10 year old boy has died earlier from the disease in the territory.

The ministry's public health director says 184 people are now suffering from dengue and the numbers are rising.

Dr Ivan Tuilau says community awareness will help contain the spread of the disease.

"We have a Three Ds campaign. The first D: drain standing water, the second D is to dress properly with long sleeves, long sweatshirts and pants, especially when working or playing outside and [thirdly] mosquito repellent, containing DEET. It's the word we're putting out to the public."

Dr Ivan Tuilau says it's also planning to start running a school campaign.