17 Oct 2008

Motion urges France to stop overseas pension reform

4:20 pm on 17 October 2008

A cross-party group of 25 French parliamentarians representing overseas territories has asked for a meeting with President Nicolas Sarkozy to seek a change to the proposed pension reform.

The 25, including Michel Buillard and Gaston Flosse of French Polynesia, have submitted a joint motion to oppose the plan to phase out the top-ups of up to 75 percent for pensions paid out to public servants in some colonies.

They say they want to stop a worsening of the economic imbalances in the territories concerned.

The motion says the impact of the reform has not been costed.

The group says they want to prevent an early exodus of public servants which could cause a disarray in the public service.

The approach comes after the government in Paris approved the reform this week which is to go the legislature.

Last week, there were marches against the reforms in New Caledonia and in Tahiti where more than 5,000 people joined the action.