17 Oct 2008

Fiji regime estimates 300,000 live in poverty

1:49 pm on 17 October 2008

Fiji's interim Agriculture Minister says nearly 300,000 people in Fiji live in poverty and people should learn to grow their own food.

Speaking at World Day Celebration in Nausori, Joketani Cokanisiga says according to professor, Warden Narsey, the latest reports shows that 34 per cent of Fiji's population is in poverty.

The Fiji Times reports he says although absolute poverty is not visible in Fiji, there is no denying the fact that poverty limits access to basic necessities like land, clean water, shelter and food supply.

He says this year's theme was World Food Security; the challenge of climate change and bio-energy.

Mr Cokanisiga is urging children and young people of Fiji to encourage their families to plant their own food crops in the backyard.