20 Oct 2008

Pacific Police dog programme working well

11:19 am on 20 October 2008

The New Zealand national police dog co-ordinator Inspector, Brendon Gibson, says the Pacific Police dog programme has been a huge success in getting agencies working together.

The programme is funded by the New Zealand government through the Pacific Security Fund.

The money is used by agencies to protect New Zealand's security interests and reduce the risks operating through Pacific countries.

Inspector Brendon Gibson says the the biggest benefit hasn't necessarily just been the development of the dog programme.

"It's been actually getting the other agencies to actually work together and I think particularly in the pacific countries getting customs and police working closer together is always going to be beneficial."

Tonga's had police dogs for a longtime probably since the late 60's of and on but again we've been able to strengthen the programme by the support the Security Fund have given.

Two Cook Islands police dog handlers graduated under the Police Dog Programme last week.