21 Oct 2008

Calls for Pacific weather services to build up

12:27 pm on 21 October 2008

A weather expert in the region, Dean Solofa, says there's a need to build up capacity among meteorological services in the Pacific .

Dean Solofa is the Pacific Islands Global Climate Observing System Coordinator and he is assisting weather services and monitoring systems in the region.

He says temperatures in the Pacific match global data showing a rise of up to 0-point-9 percent over the past 100 years.

Mr Solofa says more staff expertise and technical assistance is needed in the sector.

"The weather services in the region are generally, I mean they have struggles of their own, just as many other government departments do in terms of staffing and fiscal resources. So those unfortunately are the things that underpin a good national climate monitoring system. So unfortunately most of the met services have a huge challenge in front of them to try and recruit local scientists to get the right equipment to be able to measure winds, temperature, sunshine hours and radiation - things like that."

The Pacific Islands Global Climate Observing System Coordinator,

Dean Solofa.