22 Oct 2008

Samoa's Farmers group looks at crops and changing weather patterns

11:05 am on 22 October 2008

Samoa's Farmers Association is conducting further research to find out what traditional crop varieties grow best during wet and dry seasons.

Farmer and association member, Sapati Neru, says that the changing weather climate has affected crop yields.

He says increased rainfall and hotter temperatures from the sun is having an impact on when farmers plant certain crops.

"We are looking for crops that is good for rainy season and dry season. We select varieties that's good in rainy season and the crops that's good for dry season. And the crops that can both - in dry and rainy season. We try to identify and we have select some."

Sapati Neru says they've already discovered some taro varieties doing better when planted during the rainy season, rather than dry.

And he says cassava planted straight after a cyclone appear to grow very well while crops like yam and breadfruit seem to flourish when planted anytime.