22 Oct 2008

Trial of Australian man accused of killing his Fijian wife will continue

11:08 am on 22 October 2008

The trial of an Australian man accused of killing his wife in Fiji will continue, despite a submission by his lawyer to have the case dropped.

Justice Daniel Goundar of Fiji's High Court has ruled the murder case against Melbourne man Simon Macartney would be heard by a jury.

It is alleged that Macartney, 35, killed his Fiji-born wife Ashika in October last year after picking her up from Nadi International Airport.

Macartney has said he picked Ashika up from the airport, but she left his car and got into a taxi after saying she was leaving him and had taken another husband.

Defence counsel had asked the court to rule there was no case to answer.

But Goundar ruled there was some evidence that touched on all elements of the alleged murder.

The hearing continues.