22 Oct 2008

French Polynesia eyes New Caledonian job market

10:59 am on 22 October 2008

French Polynesia's president, Gaston Tong Sang, has told New Caledonia's daily newspaper that he would like French Polynesian workers to be given an opportunity to find jobs in New Caledonia.

On a visit to Noumea, he has called for co-operation between the two French possessions, saying expert labour used to build a hospital in Tahiti could be considered for infrastructure projects in New Caledonia.

Mr Tong Sang says he hopes a co-operation deal can be formalised during his visit which he says is a first proper meeting between the two sides' institutions.

He says French Polynesia needs the euro as a strong currency and a new statute in relation to the European Union and France as French Polynesia is needed by the metropolitan powers wanting to establish an outpost in the Pacific.

Mr Tong Sang has also proposed concessions to boost investments as his territory wants to double tourism arrival figures within ten years.