23 Oct 2008

Vanuatu gets French language newspaper

11:42 am on 23 October 2008

Vanuatu's daily newspaper is launching a weekly French edition, which will also be on sale in New Caledonia.

The paper is being launched with support from the European Union, and will be the first only French-language newspaper since before independence in 1980.

The paper's publisher, Marc Neil Jones, says the EU will provide financial assistance for up to 12 months to get the paper established.

"People have to realise that we have 3 national languages. Bislama, English and French, and there is no, and has been no, french language national newspaper since prior to independence. The last paper was Nabanga, which ceased publication before independence."

Marc Neil Jones says the paper will run a lot of business and trade stories to try to stimulate trade and tourism between the two countries.

The paper, which will be called, L'Hebdo Du Vanuatu, is due to be launched in December.