27 Oct 2008

ADB advises Pacific on how to face economic challenges

2:43 pm on 27 October 2008

The Asian Development Bank says Pacific countries need to make their economies more robust so they are better able to cope with the global economic crisis.

In a booklet 'Navigating the Global Storm'' the ADB says the region is shielded from the initial phase of the crisis because its banks are sound and are not reliant on foreign investment.

But it says the impacts will eventually be felt and the region should adopt a cautious approach.

The Bank is to make a presentation on this theme at the 12th Pacific Islands Forum Economic Ministers' meeting in Port Vila this week as Eugene Zhukov from the ADB's Pacific Liaison and Co-ordination Office explains.

"We are talking about putting in place policies which will promote private sector development which will allow the governments to raise revenues. And also the tax administration, the way it's done in many countries is not exactly a very efficient system at the moment."

Eugene Zhukov