29 Oct 2008

Forum group on Fiji expects proposals for change

1:56 pm on 29 October 2008

Fiji's interim government is to present the Forum Working Group on Fiji suggestions for changes on its terms of reference.

In June, the interim government suspended the talks with the Forum Joint Working Group because of what it described as a lack of support by Australia and New Zealand.

Papua New Guinea's High Commissioner to Fiji, Peter Eafeare, who chairs the group, says if he amendments will require ministerial endorsement, then that will have to go to the ministers.

"At least from the inidications I've got, they're not looking at any major changes, that's the reaon why they've raised it at our level. I suspect when they bring it to the table, it will be easy to at least consider, discuss, and dispense with."

Peter Eafeare says the next meeting will be on November the 6th.