3 Nov 2008

United Peoples' Party in Fiji to present alternative People's Charter

11:56 am on 3 November 2008

A political party of Fiji's ousted opposition leader, will present its alternative to the People's Charter at the political forum later this week.

The United People's Party acting president leader, Mick Beddoes, said the alternative contained much of what he viewed as the problems with possible solutions.

He says it also has suggestions about what should be done about the issues and how much it's going to cost.

Mr Beddoes said the employment creation segment suggested a plan to provide the tourism industry with a US$55.5 million marketing fee for the next five years, with certain conditions.

But the industry would have to create 5000 new jobs over the five year period and progressively transfer 50 per cent of their overseas purchases of vegetables to the local market by year five.