4 Nov 2008

Fiji interim regime reorganises media rules

5:37 pm on 4 November 2008

Fiji's interim government says the work on the media promulgation is well underway and government expects to have a draft document ready next month.

The deputy secretary for Information, Major Neumi Leweni, has confirmed that his department and the Attorney General's Office have been working closely together since July when Cabinet decided to amalgamate all existing laws pertaining to the media under one promulgation.

He says bringing them together will help the media industry to better understand the parameters or boundaries they should work within.

Major Leweni says it is just like any other professional industry where one should be fully aware of the scope and guidelines he or she has to operate under.

He says the media promulgation will not only continue to encourage media freedom and freedom of expression, but it will also encourage a greater degree of responsibility.

Major Leweni says the media promulgation will also include the establishment of a media appeals tribunal.