4 Nov 2008

Self-censorship concerns subsiding, says Fiji Media council

7:31 pm on 4 November 2008

Debate has resurfaced in Fiji about how much pressure is now being brought to bear on those who oppose the ruling regime.

A former Fiji Law Society President , Grham Leung has told a meeting Canberra of ongoing fears of revenge.

The interim Prime Minister says there are no fears over threats because police, supported by the military, have things under control.

The Chair of Fiji's the Media Council, Daryl Tarte, says the overt influence that saw journalists and publishers taken from their homes and questioned by the military has subsided:

"There's still a degree of self censorship going on, and the media are sensitive about what they write about, but the journalists themselvs don't feel quite as threatened as they might of 12 to 18 moths ago and there've been no recent examples of journalists being taken to the baracks of anything like that."

The Chair of Fiji's the Media Council, Daryl Tarte