5 Nov 2008

University of South Pacific to slash courses as it tries to cut costs

5:00 pm on 5 November 2008

The University of the South Pacific, the USP, is planning to drop 98 unpopular courses.

The Fiji Times quotes the USP Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rajesh Chandra, saying the university had been looking at a number of ways to reduce costs.

Professor Chandra says the USP would restructure and cut back those courses which did not have many students.

He said cutting back on the undersubscribed courses would not mean students who had already enrolled in them would be forced to leave.

Professor Chandra says students in programmes would be able to complete them but the university will stop taking new students.

The university also plans to cut costs, including expenditure on travel, purchasing, internet usage, electricity and telephone calls.

In addition, Professor Chandra said, the university would try and generate additional income through consultancies.

The paper also reports him saying the number of faculties will be cut from four to three.