6 Nov 2008

NGO calls on EU to honour pledge over EPAs

2:48 pm on 6 November 2008

The Pacific Network on Globalisation, or PANG, has called on the European Union to honour its pledge to forge Economic Partnership Agreements, EPAs, which serve the interests of Pacific countries too.

EPA negotiations between Pacific trade ministers and the EU had been supposed to conclude by the end of this year but PANG says an agreement remains some way off because key issues have still not been satisfactorily resolved.

A high level Pacific delegation, including Fiji's interim Prime Minister, is to travel to Brussels next week to convey again which aspects of the EPA they're unwilling to accept.

PANG's Maureen Penjueli says the EU must listen.

"They've pledged that these agreements would serve the interests of ACP countries and they would give due respect to the political choices and development priorities. We are requesting that the EC honour that pledge by stopping the pressure they're applying on ACP countries to sign agreements that are quite clearly not in our interest."

Maureen Penjueli