13 Nov 2008

Educators in PNG call on community to help all children attend school

12:09 pm on 13 November 2008

Educators in Papua New Guinea are calling on the community to help all children attend school.

Basic education for all by 2015 is one of the Millennium Development goals for the country, but PNG is far from it.

Participants of a conference looked at how they could stop this issue this week and an organiser, Chris Prince, says the whole community must support the effort.

"Education is everybody's responsibility. And everybody benefits in the long run. There are obviously things that the government needs doing, then there are things that national and provincial educational division level and school and community. the schools can't do it all on their own. And one of the roles of successful headmasters is to engaging the community and getting their partnership working."

Chris Prince says some schools came up with great ideas, such as the whole community paying for children's class fees.