13 Nov 2008

No explanation for end to logging on Solomons Vanikoro island

2:47 pm on 13 November 2008

A logging firm that closed its operations on Vanikoro island in Solomon Islands' Temotu Province last month is tightlipped about its reasons for pulling out.

Earthmovers Solomons Islands Ltd, which had been given a five-year logging licence on Vanikoro island, had been in operation for just a year when it pulled out without notice.

Forestry officials in the provincial capital, Lata, say the logging company had faced a lot of harrassment during its operation.

The officials also say the company had only made one shipment of logs and did not sign the completion certficate before leaving.

One person with links to the company says it couldn't secure international buyers for its kauri logs and decided to suspend operations.