17 Nov 2008

Majority of employers are decent says Cook Islands Immigration Department

11:39 am on 17 November 2008

The Immigration Department in the Cook Islands says a majority of employers in the country are fair and decent and treat their employees the same way.

Physical and verbal abuse, working long hours, and unpaid wages are among the common complaints being made by some foreign workers about their employers.

The Immigration Department's Director, Kave Ringa, says it goes through the contract between the employer and employee thoroughly.

He also says checks at the workplace are also made to ensure that everything is above board before a visa is issued.

"The place of employment is just not a hole in the wall type of operation and they employer is sort of expecting that their foreign worker will come and generate the income for them."

He says one positive thing to come out of these allegations is that the department is now aware of them, and can try and do something about the reports.