18 Nov 2008

Samoan composer and conductor wins Senior Pacific Artist Award

11:43 am on 18 November 2008

The Samoan composer and conductor, Igelese Ete, has won the Senior Pacific Artist Award worth just under four thousand US dollars, for his contribution to the performance and promotion of Pacific music.

Mr Ete whose based in Fiji received this year's Creative New Zealand Arts Pasifika Award at a ceremony in Manukau City South Auckland last night.

Highlights of his career include working as the New Zealand choirmaster for Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring alongside Oscar award winning composer Howard Shore; conductor for the Americas Cup opening ceremony 2003 and conductor/composer for the South Pacific Games in Samoa last year.

Other recipients include the Auckland based Cook Islands Enuamanu Atiu Niu Marurua Society for their contribution to the maintenance, revival and promotion of Cook Islands language and traditions.

Samoan playwright Dianna Fuemana is recognised for being the first Pacific playwright to merge the Niue and New Zealand born way of life through professional theatre.

Cook Islands Maori and New Zealand Maori Leilani Kake won the Salamander Gallery Award for Emerging Pacific Visual Artists.

Twenty-year old Samoan James Ioelu received the Iosefa Enari Memorial award which gives him the opportunity to pursue study or travel overseas to develop as an opera singer.

Multi-media digital artist Linda Tuafale Tanoa'i who was awarded the Emerging Pacific Artists' Award represented New Zealand at the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts in American Samoa earlier this year.