18 Nov 2008

The United Nations Pacific report shows an increased focus on cultures

1:48 pm on 18 November 2008

The director of the Sub-Regional Office and United Nations Family Planning Association or UNFPA representative Najib Assifi says this year's United Nations Pacific report is special because it focuses on cultures in the Pacific region.

The Pacific report launched in Wellington last night is part of the United Nations Population Funds 2008 State of the World Population report.

Mr Assifi says this year's theme Reaching Common Ground: Culture, Gender and Human Rights recognises the importance of culture when making decisions that affect people's lives.

"You've got to understand the cultures you've got to look at the people's view points, you've got to understand their beliefs their traditional and cultural practices in order to make your messages relevant to their needs and so this report is very special this is drawing the attention of the development worker towards the area of culture, gender and human rights."

Najib Assifi