18 Nov 2008

Solomons petrol stations reopen after protest at fuel costs

1:58 pm on 18 November 2008

Petrol stations in the Solomon Islands capital, Honiara, have re-opened after they closed yesterday in protest at the government's price controls.

The fuel price is regulated by the government and a litre of petrol costs 1.20 US dollars per litre, diesel 1.26, and kerosene 1.40 US dollars per litre.

The Solomon Motors managing director, Sam Iro, says retailers are struggling to stay in business and want to increase their profit from 7 to 28 US cents per litre.

"We're open back today because government has indicated to look into our issue and the points we raised. The other two service stations have heard of the government's possible response earlier, they opened up yesterday evening."

Sam Iro says fuel retailers hope to meet the government later this month to discuss the issue.