19 Nov 2008

American Samoa's Senate President withdraws petition

11:36 am on 19 November 2008

American Samoa's Senate President has withdrawn a petition seeking the high court to invalidate the November 4 election results on the referendum ballot which would grant veto-override to the legislature.

A court hearing on the petition, signed by close to 700 electors, was set for November 24.

Lolo Moliga says shortly after the general election he was approached by many supporters of the constitutional amendment to look into the final results, in which the referendum was defeated by a narrow margin of 22 votes.

However, following several meetings between attorneys of both sides, Lolo says discrepancies in election totals were resolved and he therefore is withdrawing the petition.

Lolo says he is satisfied with the final results.

It's now up to the Election Office to announce the official final results of the referendum ballot and to certify the results before it's forwarded to the governor's office.