20 Nov 2008

Samoa's Police Commissioner tells inquiry he feels he was set up

9:59 am on 20 November 2008

Samoa's Police Commissioner says he did not ask for nor wanted the guns that were in a package from an American Samoa police captain, and he says he feels he was set up.

Papali'i Lorenese Neru was giving evidence at a Commission of Inquiry into the smuggling of firearms from American Samoa aboard the police patrol boat, the MV Nafanua.

The Commissioner said he was shocked to find that the box of personal effects from Police captain, Papalii Marion Fitisemanu had contained firearms, including three rifles and a pistol.

Meanwhile, Papalii says the Police and Customs canine unit in Samoa is considering training its dogs to sniff out firearms and ammunitions.

He also told the inquiry of there may be a second gun amnesty next year, after the success of the first one where more than 300 weapons were handed to the police voluntarily.