21 Nov 2008

Vanuatu voting system seen as cause of instability

2:09 pm on 21 November 2008

A Vanuatu opposition MP, Moana Carcasses, says until parliament is elected under a different voting system, motions of no-confidence will continue to hamper the country's politics.

His comments come as a small group of disgruntled backbenchers have filed a motion of no-confidence against the prime minister, Edward Natapei.

It's the second such motion since Mr Natapei's election two months ago.

The backbenchers, including MPs from Mr Natapei's own Vanua'aku Pati, are reportedly unhappy to have missed out on key appointments.

Mr Carcasses says a voting system like the one France has, with two rounds of voting, would curb MP defections:

"That will definitely put the people who are more right, right wing, to the right side supporting the candidates of the right wing movement, and the ones left/left will support the left side. Then you can have two distinct policies like a big country has. In the constitution there is a freedom of movement, so it's always very hard to control that."

The parliament will vote on the motion next Tuesday.