22 Nov 2008

Economics Professor says some good things are in Fiji's 2009 budget

2:03 pm on 22 November 2008

The Fiji interim government has presented its 2009 budget which is to be just under one billion US dollars.

The document was tabled by the interim finance minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, who took over the portfolio three months ago.

He says the major focus is infrastructure development, adding that his administration would also ensure economic growth and favour the poor.

USP Associate Professor of economics, Azmat Gani, says there are some good things in the budget.

"The Fijian budgets has a lot of incentive packages and I suppose if the private sector does come in and take advantage of the incentives the government is operating and next year I would see some positive changes taking place, and the other thing is that it seems that the budget is targetting long term development of the country."

Azmat Gani says he expects to see the real effects of the budget in 2010.