22 Nov 2008

Governor of Papua restricts sale of alcohol to try and stop spread of AIDS

2:01 pm on 22 November 2008

The Governor of the Indonesian Province of Papua, Barnabas Suebu, is restricting the sale of alcohol to try and stop the spread of AIDS.

Speaking at a meeting of agencies combatting the disease, he says HIV/AIDS now poses a serious threat to the very existence of the Papuan people.

Mr Suebu says the province should declare war on the disease.

December the 1st is World AIDS Day and the Governor says on that day he wants to launch a massive movement among all Papuan people to combat AIDS and other diseases.

The campaign would involve hundreds of millions of rupiahs which will include the display of posters and the circulation of leaflets to be dispatched to people everywhere.

He says the problem was largely the result of uninhibited sex, caused in the first place by the consumption of alcohol.

This has prompted him to prohibit the distribution of alcohol everywhere, except in hotels.