27 Nov 2008

Fiji's Levuka considers bidding for Unesco world heritage site status

4:17 pm on 27 November 2008

Efforts are being made to progress attempts to enlist Fiji's first capital, Levuka, as a Unesco world heritage site.

The Department of Culture and Heritage is conducting a three-day workshop with the aim of gaining endorsements from the residents, and determine what areas are to be identified for recognition.

The mayor of Levuka, George Gibson, says the workshop has been successful in raising awareness of the plan, and says it has been an opportunity for the whole town to participate.

"We hope that finally we'll get on the heritage listing. And when we do we believe we'll gain some funds to help improve things. And I think the most important is that it may stir up our little economy."

George Gibson says he hopes a world heritage listing will draw in more tourists to the town.