29 Nov 2008

Schools and community groups in Samoa to benefit from funding assistance

10:16 am on 29 November 2008

19 schools and community groups in Samoa will share nearly 200 thousand US dollars in funding by AusAID for small community and village based projects.

AusAID Small Grants Scheme manager, Meipo Meredith, told Talamua news oneline in the last 22 years, the Small Grants Scheme has provided millions of dollars in funding to help ensure essential services and facilities are available for local schools and community groups.

Miss Meredith said these projects play an important part in improving the education, health and well- being for both children and the wider community.

She said the AusAID Small Grants Scheme will be combined with other small grants initiatives next year.

The program will be managed by the Samoan Government through the Aid Coordination Unit under the Ministry of Finance.