1 Dec 2008

Israel wants to set up a Honorary Consulate in Solomon Islands

6:08 am on 1 December 2008

The Israeli government wants to set up a Honorary Consulate in Solomon Islands.

The Israeli ambassador to the country, Michael Ronan, spoke of the development during a visit to Honiara.

Mr Ronan says Israel's diplomatic ties with Solomon Islands were established seven years ago and his visit is to strengthen those ties:

"This is an issue I will raise with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I presented them with a letter, an official letter from my government indeed referring to our proposal to have an honorary consulate here."

Michael Ronan stressed his visit to the country was not triggered by Solomon Islands efforts to forge diplomatic ties with Iran.

He says the ongoing support the Israeli government rendered to the Solomon Islands will continue despite that.

The Sikua Government is taking steps to formalise ties with Iran, which does not formally recognise Israel as a country.