3 Dec 2008

Samoa committee considers relief for Yazaki

5:19 pm on 3 December 2008

A cabinet-appointed committee in Samoa trying to assist Yazaki Samoa says no financial assistance is being directly offered to the company.

The company, which manufactures wire harnesses for vehicles, will have laid off 80 employees by the end of the month after customers in Australia reduced their orders.

The CEO of Inland Revenue, Silafau Paul Meredith, who is on the committee, says they are looking assistance in ways such as reducing value added goods and services tax and other costs to help the company out.

He says Samoa greatly benefits from the Japanese-owned company as it is the biggest private sector employer in the country.

"In terms of playing a negotiating role in terms of us looking into assisting Yazaki with not only their freight costs from Apia to Australia, but also in terms of how we can try and achieve some sort of reduction in their electricity cost as well as in some of these other logistics with their operations."

Silafau Paul Meredith.