4 Dec 2008

Deal on French Polynesia's main airports readied for signature

11:51 am on 4 December 2008

A deal is expected to be signed before the end of the month to determine the running of French Polynesia's main airports for the next 30 years.

The arrangement concerns the French state, the French Polynesian government and the mayor of Faa'a where Tahiti's international airport is located.

It is envisaged that the airport in Bora Bora will be made an international airport and also be run by the mainly publicly-owned company Setil.

There are also plans to invest more than 57 million US dollars to modify the airports so they can cope with the threat of rising sea levels.

It is yet to be confirmed that the mayor of Faa'a, Oscar Temaru, will join other leaders in Paris to sign the agreement.