4 Dec 2008

FSM plans to reserve seats in parliament for women

4:13 pm on 4 December 2008

The Speaker of the Federated States of Micronesia's Congress wants to rush a bill designating seats for women through in time for March's elections.

FSM has no women in congress, and the bill, sponsored by speaker Isaac Figir would make 4 seats for women, increasing the total number to 18.

Mr Figir says women may not enter the race for Congress, because of the dominance of politics by men.

"Right now the Bill is still pending in Congress, and we're adjourning today, I know we cannot act on it, but I hope that we can do something in our regular session in January. Because [the] national election is in March, and I hope to have get this bill acted on. And I may be overly optimistic."

FSM speaker Isaac Figir.

Because the change will involve amending the constitution, it will need to pass a referendum, and be approved by 75 percent of the people in 3 of FSM's four states.