6 Dec 2008

Illegally distilled liquor remains a problem in Solomon Islands says acting police chief

10:30 am on 6 December 2008

Solomon Islands acting Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall, says illegally distilled liquor will remain a problem in communities in Solomon Islands, and the police need help to deal with it.

An attack on police earlier this week in a village near Honiara, in which 7 officers were injured, was linked to the use of the illegally distilled liquor, kwaso.

Mr Marshall says the police licensing teams do a fantastic job, but there's only so much they can do.

"It's only through intervention by chiefs, religious leaders, educationalists, and indeed the community itself that this type of activity will come under some form of control. We'll never get rid of it all together, but there seems to be a general acceptance of it which is just intolerable in our situation here."

Peter Marshall says if the kwazo problem was dealt with, it would make a significant dent in the crime around Honiara.