8 Dec 2008

South Korea call for new approach to save last of Pacific tuna

4:18 pm on 8 December 2008

The South Korea government has spoken of a need to narrow the differences and find compromises in attempts to protect the viability of the tuna stocks in the Central and Western Pacific.

The Vice Minister of Food and Fisheries, Park Deok Bae, was speaking to an international gathering trying to reach agreement on reducing the catch of Big eye and Yellow Fin tuna.

From Busan in South Korea, Philippa Tolley has more:

"The Vice Minister told the delegates gathered for this session of the Tuna Commission that while much had been done to ensure the future of the fishery, there was still more to do. Mr Park said for the long term preservation of the stocks close co-operation was needed between the island nations of the Pacific and those who come in to fish in order to reach agreement. The Chairman of the Commission, Glen Hurry, spoke of the region as the world's best tuna stock that attracted the attention of fishing nations around the world. He said while these fishing nations were welcome as guests, the nations of the region expected a responsible attitude in return. "