9 Dec 2008

French Polynesia's 2009 budget at risk as ruling coalition loses majority

11:27 am on 9 December 2008

A member of French Polynesia's ruling To Tatou Aia coalition has quit the grouping and deprived it of its majority neeeded to pass the 2009 budget.

In a letter to the president, Sandra Levy-Agami says he will now sit in the assembly as a non-aligned member to serve the people.

Ms Levy-Agami says she cannot vote for the budget as it is because in some points it goes against the election promises.

The ruling coalition has now lost its one-member majority while it faces pressure from the opposition which claims another coalition member, Michel Yip, should be made to stand down.

The opposition has written to the French high commissioner, seeking Mr Yip's removal for having had a conflict of interest when he voted on a black pearl taxation law.

Last week, the French supreme court annulled the law but is yet to say whether Mr Yip is to lose his seat as a result.