10 Dec 2008

PNG has doubts over willingness of all members of Tuna Commission

11:48 am on 10 December 2008

Papua New Guinea is expressing some doubts about the willingness of all members of the Tuna Commission meeting in South Korea to achieve a cut in the catch of several tuna species.

The head of the delegation, the Managing Director of Papua New Guinea's National Fisheries Authority, Sylvester Pokajam, says after several day's of talks, some members, who he is not willing to name, are coming up with excuses to try to derail attempts to reach an agreement

He believes because of past failures to reach a deal, members might be prepared to accept some reduction in the target level of catch reduction:

"Because we have not reached any consensus for the last meetings we have to do something now, whether its ten per cent, thirty per cent or what, at least we get something now, this time around, at least."

The Tuna Commission's scientists are recommending a 30 per cent cut in the catch of Bigeye and Yellowfin tuna over a three year period.