10 Dec 2008

Central American nations vying to join Tuna Commission

4:46 pm on 10 December 2008

Extra foreign fishing fleets are pushing to gain access to tuna stocks in the Central and Western Pacific.

Members of the Tuna Commission, meeting in South Korea, will consider applications from a number of Central American nations for links with the organisation.

The Director Marshall Islands Marine Authority, Glenn Joseph, says the viability of the tuna fishery is an irresistible attraction to the fishing industry world wide:

"The Pacific fishery is seen to be last frontier and there are a lot of players out there. Those that are members of the Commission, fishing states, and those that want to come in. Right now we are dealing with Latin American countries that have clear interest in fishing in the region by way of application of membership of the WCPFC."

The Commission members have yet to make a decision on any application for observer or cooperating status.