11 Dec 2008

More French Polynesian test veterans keen to join Paris talks on French compo law

2:35 pm on 11 December 2008

Another French Polynesian nuclear test veterans group says it wants to join discussions on a French law to recognise a link between nuclear tests and illness.

The Tamarii Mururoa's bid follows an outcry by the main nuclear test veterans' group, Mururoa o Tatou, which has been upset at not being asked to join the Paris discussions next week.

The head of the Tamarii Mururoa, Yannick Lowgreen, has told RFO radio that he hopes to get an invitation.

Mr Lowgreen says he doesn't share the other group's view that exposure to radiation and accidents related to the tests should be mixed.

Two years ago, he said he disagreed with claims that the blasts in Mururoa affected all inhabitants.

The French proposal for a compensation law comes after France had insisted that its tests were clean and caused no harm.