11 Dec 2008

Environmentalist critical of Solomons government over dolphin exports

1:49 pm on 11 December 2008

A Solomon Islands environmental campaigner says the Government should be ashamed for allowing live dolphins to be exported.

The comment comes as seven bottle-nose dolphins left the country this week, headed to the Philippines.

Last year, 28 dolphins were flown to a new resort hotel in Dubai.

Lawrence Makili from the Earth Island Institue says the lastest deal was kept secret, to the point where a plane arriving to take the dolphins took airport staff by surprise.

"The current government knew that there [was] a lot of opposition to any future dolphin export from Solomon Islands because I think the people in the Solomon Islands [have] become aware of the issue of dolphin export after the other two shipments previously. So the current government is trying to bury the whole issue by doing things secretly."

Lawrence Makili says it is shameful for the Government to continue to show the world and the Pacific its arrogance and stubbornness on this issue.