12 Dec 2008

American Samoa considers major campaign to combat dengue

2:02 pm on 12 December 2008

American Samoa's Medical Director at the Health Department says it's looking at launching an island wide campaign to wipe out dengue fever.

Between January and August this year there were only nine confirmed cases in the territory.

But there now 564 confirmed cases in American Samoa with hundreds more thought to be afflicted with the disease.

The Medical Director at the Health Department, Dr Ivan Tuliau, says they are waiting until the festival season is over to launch the campaign.

He says in the meantime people are being urged to take steps on their own to stop the spread of dengue.

"The 3 Ds that we have are putting out against dengue fever is dress appropriately with long sleeve shirts and long pants, especially when you are working outside, draining of water, standing water. This is the only way we can beat this mosquitoes and the only way we can beat this disease is through awareness, public awareness."

Dr Ivan Tuliau is calling on everyone in the territory to support the campaign once it is underway.