18 Dec 2008

American Samoans benefit from fuel price drop

11:04 am on 18 December 2008

Prices at the pump take another dive according to the new Maximum Allowable Price or MAP for fuel in American Samoa.

Sione Kava of the Office of Petroleum Management says unleaded gasoline drops 30 cents a gallon which means motorists will be paying around 2.50, down from 2.70 US currency for a gallon of unleaded gasoline at retail.

But since fuel prices started dropping, gas stations are taking longer to adjust their prices with each new MAP.

Mr Kava says some take a day while others take two days to lower their prices.

He says it's up to gas station owners when to adjust their prices.

He says gas stations always cite that they have to sell their old inventory of gasoline, purchased at the higher price, before they drop their costs.