18 Dec 2008

Wife of Papuan asylum seeker follows him back to Indonesia's Papua

7:36 pm on 18 December 2008

The wife of one of the 43 Papuan asylum seekers who fled to Australia in 2006, has returned home, joining her husband and their daughter who returned to Papua in November.

The Indonesian news agency, Antara, quotes the foreign ministry as saying Siti Wainggai arrived at the Soekarno-Hatta airport after living in Vanuatu for about three years.

Mrs Waingai went to Vanuatu en route to joining her husband Yunus Wainggai in Australia but had not been able to join him and daughter Anike in Australia.

She was in the process of applying to go to Australia when Yunus arranged with Indonesian officials to return to Papua last month.

The foreign ministry said Siti came home after her husband extended a request to the Indonesian Government to facilitate Siti`s return home.

The ministry says she has been longing for her family, which is the main reason she wanted to return home.